Swedish Producer & Co-Packer Installs A Quality Control & Audit X-Ray Solution

Competing in the trendy and growing ready-made-meal industry is very competitive. Customers reward quality and established brands with good revenue, but food conscious consumers are demanding high quality, new ingredients and products. A Swedish food producer had established itself well to this market and in addition to their own products; they produced food for a large multi-national vendor’s private label.

They were facing an upcoming quality control and safety audit from the vendor. Passing this audit would open a large potential market to them and one important part of the audit was the inspection of packaged products. To ensure their products quality and a successful audit report, the manufacturer started a project to source the best solution.

Finding a new quality partner would mean their products would be offered in much wider area and financial damage of product recall could be catastrophic along with the lost brand image, which is crucial in the business. Since ready-made-meals are made of various different ingredients, from various environments and producers, quality of the ingredients became a cornerstone in discussions.

Foreign object contamination in ingredients from nature is usually glass or stones rather than metal, which makes metal detectors obsolete. Hence, X-ray food quality control system were the solution needed and it was also one of the requirements of the audit.
By pro-actively implementing an x-ray inspection solution, not only to pass an audit, but also to expand business and protect their brand.

A Realized Solution

After reviewing various RFQs for X-ray system vendors they realized, that X-ray’s more sophisticated inspection technology came along with a larger price tag. A recommendation from another manufacturers quality personnel suggested the Mekitec MEKI line; an X-ray food inspection system.

The company contacted Mekitec for more information about their X-ray solutions. Going through the material and speaking with a Mekitec representative, they were convinced this was a suitable solution. The MEKI X-ray food quality control system became a focus. It was light, versatile and with installation of new production lines, every square foot of free space became a commodity. MEKI’s unit price was more cost-effective compared to other bids. With new lines forming, the financial gains would be significant to the bottom line.

With the impending audit nearing, Mekitec was able to fast-track delivery, setup and training for the MEKI X-ray system. Afterwards, the manufacturer sent their products to Mekitec’s facility for an application test. The results from the test revealed the optimal settings for the each product including set up for foreign objects sizes that can be detected with 100% accuracy.

The ready-made-food products have heterogeneous density inside the product, due to various ingredients inside such as salads, sandwiches, wraps and other products. Even with these obstructions, the MEKI could detect 1.5mm metal as well as glass and stones from the products.

A Complete Solution with Fast-Tracked Delivery

The results enabled the manufacturer to pass the audit easily. Other features added value to the quality control as the MEKI could detect through aluminium packing. It can also detect missing dressing pouches from salads, which is common and results in customer complaints.

From initial contact, the first MEKI was delivered to the facility one month later. Mekitec personnel setup new production lines and trained the personnel to operate the system seamlessly thus leaving enough time to test and use the system before the audit.

Helping a customer pass an important audit and open new markets is just one example how Mekitec’s financially smart solution offers a comprehensive X-ray quality control system. We ensure our customer’s brand image and their own customers are safe from foreign object contamination and other irregularities concerning food safety and quality. We don’t see food quality control as a mandatory investment, but a solution that creates real value to our customer.


Detection range, 150g cheese Stainless steel 0.6mm, Glass 1.5mm, Stone 1.5mm.

MEKI combines the benefits of metal detector pricing with the X-ray inspection performance for products up to 250mm width and 110mm height. These dimensions allow fast single and dual line production of small and medium sized goods.

Example industries: bakery, dairy, meat & seafood, snack, fruits & vegetables, ready to eat food, frozen, confectionery, cereal and bulk.

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