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Juho Ojuva

Vice President, Commercial Operations


I enjoy combining my extensive knowledge of food X-ray inspection with the various industry challenges and customer needs. Simultaneously it’s been my mission to go beyond just understanding new global food safety policies and regulations and become a forerunner in driving the industry further.


For over 10 years I’ve been involved with developing and offering X-ray inspection technology for all kinds of food applications. I have worked in numerous projects related to food quality control on all of the continents. Today I’m responsible for our operations and all customer-facing activities globally.


I look forward to broadening my professional expertise, sharing ideas and, most of all, learning more from food producers worldwide.



Antti Sivula



I’ve been the CEO of Mekitec for 7 years. I find the food sector, particularly inspection applications in food manufacturing, to be both fascinating and demanding. I am eager to put my past expertise to use in providing inspection solutions to food manufacturers.


The trends in today’s food manufacturing are strong and clear: standards and requirements are rising, reducing food waste has become a top priority, the use of data-driven food safety and quality tools are becoming more common, and food safety and quality are enabled by comprehensive end-to-end coverage from raw materials to the end customer’s table.


I am looking forward to meeting food industry leaders to exchange ideas and explore how we can work together to enable and develop sustainable, safe, and high-quality packaged food manufacturing.

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