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We provide food manufacturers with compact, easy-to-use, X-ray inspection systems that provide excellent performance and the best value in the industry.
A full focus on X-ray quality control solutions combined with global presence makes us a unique player in the industry.

About us

What makes MEKI different?

MEKI™ means a new mindset changing the way food quality control is done.
For this to be possible, we created an inspection solution based on X-ray technology aimed for primary packaging inspection feasible to be implemented for small and large producers alike.

Our systems
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Combining X-ray & AI

Mekitec strengthens its place among the top-ranking food quality control vendors by acquiring a Grupo Bimbo owned artificial intelligence software company. With this transaction, future solutions in food quality and safety can be based on combinations of multiple technologies.

Road to
Safe Food
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Eliminate Contaminants

Why Select Mekitec X-ray to Eliminate Stones from Frozen Berries?
According to Matti Sarala, the plant manager of Polarica, the reason they chose an X-ray system was based on their very specific needs: “Forest berries are picked close to the ground where stones are the main contaminant, and we wanted to eliminate this hazard". Sarala sums up his thoughts on Mekitec: “I would definitely recommend Mekitec’s systems to companies that supply consumer-packaged products and wish to ensure their safety.”

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How Safe Is X-ray?

In our newest e-book Is It Safe to Use X-ray to Inspect Food?, we approach various safety questions regarding food X-ray inspection from every angle.
After reading the e-book, you'll have a better understanding of different radiation sources and doses, as well as learn why and how the food X-ray systems are safe for users and the inspected products.

"We are content with the aftersales service and would always recommend Mekitec." — Mr. Etzlinger, Plant Manager, Käserei Champignon
"We wanted something that would be reliable, efficient and easy-to-use. Now we've found that in Mekitec." — Mrs. Wierzbowska, Head of Packaging Department, Sokołów Group
"The Mekitec user interface stood out because of its simplicity, which is very important to training and adoption efficiency when a new system is introduced." — Mrs. Shrivastava, CEO, Dash of Masala
"It would be nearly impossible to eliminate all the foreign body complaints without the X-ray machines." — Mr. Moschoudis, Quality Assurance, Vamvalis Foods
"I would definitely recommend Mekitec’s systems to companies that supply consumer-packaged products and wish to ensure their safety." — Mr. Sarala, Plant Manager, Polarica Berry Group
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Test and see what X-ray can do

We conduct Application Tests to present the exact detection rate and performance that X-ray inspection offers. Book yours now and get the results in no time!

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