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We provide food manufacturers with compact, easy-to-use, X-ray inspection systems that provide excellent performance and the best value in the industry.
A full focus on X-ray quality control solutions combined with global presence makes us a unique player in the industry.

About us

What makes MEKI different?

MEKI™ means a new mindset changing the way food quality control is done.
For this to be possible, we created an inspection solution based on X-ray technology aimed for primary packaging inspection feasible to be implemented for small and large producers alike.

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Download the new eBook now!

How to Get the Best Value from a Critical Control Point in Food Production
The eBook provides in-depth information required for choosing a quality inspection solution with the best value for food producers today.
It explains how X-ray inspection provides additional value in comparison to any other inspection method, and why the best results and value are achieved when the inspection takes place at the primary packaging stage of the food production.

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Test and see what X-ray can do

We conduct Application Tests to present the exact detection rate and performance that X-ray inspection offers. Contact us to book your test!

"We are content with the aftersales service and would always recommend Mekitec." — Mr. Etzlinger, Plant Manager, Käserei Champignon
"We wanted something that would be reliable, efficient and easy-to-use. Now we've found that in Mekitec." — Mrs. Wierzbowska, Head of Packaging Department, Sokołów Group
"The Mekitec user interface stood out because of its simplicity, which is very important to training and adoption efficiency when a new system is introduced." — Mrs. Shrivastava, CEO, Dash of Masala
"After purchasing the X-ray systems, the consumer complaints have decreased, even though consumers tend to do more reclaims than ever before." — Mr. Liimatainen, Technical Manager, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland
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