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Embrace advanced
food inspection with MEKI Assurance Intelligence

MEKI Assurance Intelligence infuses quality assurance, compliance, and a dash of technological intelligence into every production batch.

Scroll down to learn what you can achieve with the new inspection software!

Experience up to 15% improvement in detecting even the trickiest foreign objects for most products, making your food safety foolproof.

Bid farewell to unnecessary losses – cut down false rejections by an impressive 20% without sacrificing detection performance.

Perform CCP validation tests directly within the inspection system – no more paper hassle or room for misinterpretation.

Enjoy seamless reporting between MEKI AI and Data Manager. Compiling inspection and audit reports has never been this easy!

Let’s get you started

Upgrading from your legacy inspection software to MEKI AI doesn’t need to be cumbersome – with the help of Mekitec’s experienced service team, everything is done swiftly and with minimal disruption to your production.

We help you throughout the installment, product recipe creation, parameter adjustment, and all that to ensure that you achieve the best detection performance and productivity!