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Mekitec proudly presents


Seamless inspection for tall food products


Detect hazards.

Ensure food safety.

Detect quality defects.

Build trusted food brand.


Two X-ray generators ensure the most efficient foreign object detection and quality inspection
by enabling the sharpest X-ray image of the complete food product.


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Liquid food products, such as canned or bottled drinks and sauces, often come in packages that are taller than wider. The chosen inspection equipment ensuring the safety of liquid food packages should take these product characteristics into account.

With X-ray, food producers can also inspect the overall quality of the products. For example,
in the liquid food industry X-ray has helped many producers reduce the number of reclamations by inspecting the correct fill level of the products.



Milk can be processed into a number of different products, such as drinkable yogurts and creams. Dairy products are often packaged in aluminum foil to extend their shelf life, which limits the suitable inspection solutions.

By placing an inspection system at the end of each production line, dairy producers are able to guarantee the safety of the final products before shipping them out and therefore minimizing the risk for product recalls.



Health and nutrition food products area typically marketed as good for the body, and consumers are more than willing to pay for quality when it comes to healthy food, but they are also very conscious of brands and trends. Thus, building a strong and reliable food brand is essential.

With the help of X-ray inspection, food producers are able to provide consistent, safe to consume products that enforce positive brand image and help to reduce the number of consumer reclamations.

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Integrated and fully automated product rejecters separate defective products from the good quality production flow, complying with the latest food safety standards.


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Suitable for various
production lines
and conditions.