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X-ray for safe food

Who are we?

Mekitec group is focused on developing and manufacturing innovative quality control systems for food manufacturers. We are committed to ensure safe food by providing X-ray systems with the best value in the industry.

Our X-ray systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing safety and quality by detecting and removing food packages that contain unwanted foreign objects, such as glass, stones or plastic, and other defects by using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology, resulting in 100% food quality control.

Our X-ray solutions provide the best value by being the most cost-efficient in the market, designed to fit into primary packaging lines to ensure the most accurate detection rates and easy implementation into any production process.

How it all started?

The founders of Mekitec utilized their X-ray inspection background to develop a new innovative solution which enabled food manufacturers to inspect their products with the high-end technology on each primary packaging production line.

MEKI concept was developed in close co-operation with food manufacturers from various industries over the world to break the barriers that earlier made it difficult to upgrade quality control systems from metal detection to X-ray.

X-ray detects foreign objects and quality issues more precisely and broadly compared to metal detection technology, and it assists food manufacturers to answer the increasing quality requirements in the food industry. Our company’s mission is to help food manufacturers to answer this challenge with solutions that are truly designed for customers’ evolving needs and industry regulations.

Even though the name MEKI could be considered deriving from the words “metal detector killer”, today the MEKI systems have changed food inspection by complementing and even replacing metal detectors in production lines and further seeking new ways of providing innovative traceability solutions to food production. It is not just a detection technology but also the overall production performance and value for the customers which Mekitec is dedicated to deliver.

The first MEKI system installations took place in 2011 and this eventually, combined with a born-global attitude, has brought us to a worldwide reach with a presence in four continents and over 40 countries.


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