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Annually, the fruits and vegetables industry makes about $148 billion in profits, selling homogenous products that are fresh, canned, frozen, or dried. No matter how they are processed, fruit and vegetable products, such as canned vegetables, cooked vegetables, frozen vegetables, mixed vegetables, and cooked rice, can get caught up in the complexities of supply chain logistics, and run the risk of contamination during shipping and handling.

These contaminations do not just endanger the well-being of consumers, but can also cost producers millions of dollars. Brand protection is everything when it comes to homogeneous goods like fruits and vegetables, so producers need to step up their food quality inspection.


Fruits and vegetables, no matter how fresh, can still be at risk of contamination from foreign objects. Stones can find their way into the product during harvesting and processing, and the very tools used to pick the goods could also cause contamination, or even end up in the polybag containing the products. Machines that slice the product could also leave behind metal debris that can be harmful to consumers and costly to producers.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, (GMA), conducted a study among manufacturers that discovered that the estimated financial value of a product recall was around $9 million for about half of the producers surveyed. The study also noted that 58% of the respondents admitted to experiencing a product recall in the previous five years since the survey.

Product recalls are very serious threats to producers, and can easily ruin customers’ loyalty for the brand. Reputation is everything when it comes to homogenous goods like fruits and vegetables, so producers need to step up their food quality inspection. Detecting these foreign materials in fruits and vegetables efficiently can be tedious and costly, unless you use Mekitec’s x-ray inspection systems for food. Our system is safe, fast, and reliable to use for all types of produce.


Our company is at the forefront of food inspection technology, and our revolutionary product inspection solutions can be adapted for the screening of fruit and vegetable goods. The MEKI food X-ray inspection system can find defects in products no matter what type of packaging is used including aluminum. Moreover, our system is significantly more affordable than other similar food inspection setups, and is a lot more compact, as well. The MEKI food safety x-ray systems come in three variants: MEKI, COMBIMEKI, and MIDMEKI.

We designed the MEKI systems to be flexible enough to fit in any production line without making any major modifications. Moreover, the systems can be customized to suit your specific inspection needs. Let our x-ray systems serve as an integral part of your brand protection, as you meet the industry standards of HACCP, BRC, and EFSIS.

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