X-Ray Inspection of

Liquid Foods & Beverages

Liquid Food Products Demand More from the Inspection

Liquid food products, such as canned or bottled drinks and sauces, often come in packages that are taller than wider. These types of products can be more sensitive to tip over and cause an unwanted influx of products, which presents challenges to the food production equipment.

The chosen inspection equipment ensuring the safety of liquid food packages should take these product characteristics into account. Adequate product guides and smooth conveyor transfers are the bare minimum when it comes to the seamlessness of the inspection.

When inspecting liquid food products that are in tall primary packages, it is common to use side-shooting X-ray systems, meaning that the X-ray generator is placed either front or back of the system rather than the top or bottom. This way, the package can be efficiently inspected leaving little to none blind spots.

How Safe Is X-ray?

In our newest eBook Is It Safe to Use X-ray to Inspect Food?, we provide you a thorough look into the safety of food X-ray inspection. After reading this, you'll have a better understanding of different radiation sources and doses, as well as learn why and how the food X-ray systems are safe for users and the inspected products.

Detect Hazardous Contaminants and Quality Defects in Liquid Food Products

Make your liquid food production safe with the leading food safety solution – X-ray inspection. Proactive measures like avoiding contaminating materials can only do so much. With the ability to detect non-metallic contaminants, X-ray systems provide superior quality control and traceability, ensuring high-quality, safe products for consumers.

SIDEMEKI takes it one step further with two individual X-ray generators for tall food products and cap inspection and fill-level detection to ensure smooth production flow and rejection of non-conforming products. Keep your customers safe and your reputation intact with SIDEMEKI.

When planning the set-up of inspection equipment for liquid food products, it is important to keep in mind what are the main things you want to achieve with the inspection.

In many cases, achieving high-quality liquid food products means ensuring that the products are clear of any foreign object contaminants, as well as maintain the correct fill level. Both of these can be achieved with an X-ray inspection.



More accurate, efficient and reliable metal detection in food with Mekitec

X-ray Inspection Helps to Prevent Costly Recalls

Not equipping the liquid food production with an appropriate inspection system has a huge risk of foreign contaminants ending up in the final product. If such products are delivered to retailers eventually reaching the consumers, the impact can be tremendously negative.

Hazardous contaminants can danger the health of the consumers and the food producer is hit with massive product recall that could have a negative financial and brand impact that would ultimately affect the overall profit.

By implementing an X-ray system into the production line, food producers will be able to detect a variety of different foreign materials in addition to metallic ones, thus guaranteeing better food safety. That is the most common reason to choose X-ray over metal detectors, but surely not the only reason.

With X-ray, food producers can also inspect the overall quality of the products. For example, in the liquid food industry X-ray has helped many producers reduce the number of reclamations by inspecting the correct fill level of the products. This way it is ensured, that customers receive only the safest, top-quality products.

Mekitec as Your Partner in Food Safety

Our MEKI X-ray inspection systems are designed for the food industry and its needs. With this in mind, we developed our systems together with food producers to make sure that the needs are covered. Our systems provide:

  • User-friendly interface, making the systems easy to use
  • Inspection software with multiple industry-specific functions, ensuring the overall product quality
  • Small footprint, making sure that our systems can easily fit in any production line
  • Best value, enabling X-ray inspection for every food producer from family-owned businesses to large chains

Usually, the driving force for quality inspection starts with foreign object detection, but later the need expands to the inspection of the overall quality of the products. This is where MEKI X-ray inspection systems are proven to bring the most value because they offer a variety of different quality inspection features with the lowest initial investment and long-term operating costs in the industry.

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The SIDEMEKI X-ray system takes your liquid food inspection to a whole new level by offering the best imaging technology available. Download the datasheet and receive all the details to your inbox!

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