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In food production, ensuring the safety of your products is of utmost importance. That’s why critical control points (CCPs) are selected and monitored on every production line to detect potential hazards and maintain the highest level of food safety standards.

The traditional CCP validation method of attaching foreign object samples to a product and manually recording results on paper can be prone to human error. This leads to a compromised validation process that may fail to detect potential hazards.

There are several weak spots in this process that might reduce the reliability of your CCP validation:

  1. Potential of accidentally skipping or missing validation tests.
  2. Possibility of errors in recording validation results
  3. Inefficiency in generating results into thorough audit reports

Fortunately, Mekitec have came up with a solution to this problem through our Audit Mode feature. Our inspection software alerts operators when it’s time to verify CCP performance and digitally records the foreign object samples used, results, and even who carried out the validation. With this digitization, you can ensure that each test is carried out accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of human error and making audit preparation a breeze.

Data Audit mode

Your Key to Digitizing Your Audit and Quality Process

While Audit Mode is an excellent tool for automating the CCP validation process, to fully digitize and optimize your quality control, you want also the MEKI Data Manager. This powerful tool captures inspection data in real-time from multiple inspection points, allowing you to easily view, track, and analyze your inspection data. With the MEKI Data Manager, you can identify trends and potential issues and take corrective actions quickly, streamlining your entire quality control process from CCP validation to overall quality management.

By integrating Audit Mode with the MEKI Data Manager, you streamline your quality control efforts and achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


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At Mekitec, we believe that the future of food quality assurance lies in the power of digitization. We’re passionate about providing our customers with the most advanced tools and technology to streamline their quality assurance and maintain the highest standards of food safety.

So why wait? Contact us today and join us on the journey towards the future of food quality assurance. Let’s work together to take your quality control to the next level and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers!

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