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Mekitec is a global manufacturer of innovative quality control systems based on X-ray technology for the food industry. We are committed to ensure safe food by providing inspection systems with the best value in the industry.

Our X-ray inspection systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing the quality by detecting and removing food products that contain unwanted foreign objects or other defects by using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology, resulting in 100% food quality control.

MEKI X-ray inspection systems are built to provide the best value for food producers. However, the system can be a great fit for other, non-food applications as well.


In food production, hazardous foreign physical contaminants are rarely only metals, even though that is still the most common standard for foreign contaminants to be controlled.

The various food industries have different “signature” foreign bodies that are at risk to end up in the finished product – that also means there are differences in the potentially hazardous foreign bodies from one industry to another.

For example, the processing equipment can be a potential risk if they break; like a stone oven in the baking industry or a ceramic doser in the dairy industry could cause a non-metallic hazard.

Another potential source for contamination is from the raw material. If the origin is from a field like in the snack industry (e.g. with nuts), there might be stones among the raw material that was collected from the field.

All of these potential sources for contaminations are evaluated in the control plan of each food plant (HACCP). The plan includes actions to minimize the risk of contamination, and that is why X-ray is an excellent choice for Critical Control Point to verify the effectiveness of this plan and its purpose.

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