More Than Just Foreign Object Detection

Food Quality Control

Food quality control is not only about detecting and rejecting the foreign objects or contaminants from your production line, but also about inspecting the overall quality of the food product itself.
By implementing an X-ray inspection system to your production line, you can increase the quality control in food multiple ways. With X-ray, you can:

  • Detect metal contaminants as well as other foreign objects, based on the density of the product and contaminant.
  • Inspect if any products or packages are broken, missing or incomplete.

Even though foreign object detection is a crucial part of food quality control, there are now more ways for you to keep up with the growing demands of the consumers. They are more aware about food safety, but also expect the food products to be of high-quality in terms of completeness, form, shape, integrity, and packaging.


MEKI X-ray inspection systems are an answer to this growing demand for better quality and offer several inspection functions which enhance your food quality control tremendously. Examples of industry-specific functions developed by Mekitec:

  • Function for content check – used to detect if any parts of the food product are missing.
  • Function for integrity check – detects if products are broken inside the package. This is especially beneficial when producing e.g. chocolate bars or cookies, which can break easily.
  • Function for proper closing – detecting if a metallic closing clip is in place, open or missing completely, in e.g. bread or nut bag.
  • Function for filling check – detects if the filling inside the food product is lacking or missing. It can also be used to detect if all the products are inside the package, for example, if there are only two cakes in a package which should contain three.

” There are many technical ways to ensure the food quality. Foreign object detection is a crucial part of product safety. The confectionery factory has several X-ray systems ensuring that the content of the packaged products is according to standard. The system rejects for example any chocolate boxes that are missing a piece of confectionery. – After purchasing the X-ray systems, the consumer complaints have decreased, even though consumers tend to do more reclaims than ever before, says the Technical Manager of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland Ab.”
– Kehittyvä Elintarvike magazine, number 4/2016

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