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Pawsitively Safe: Pet food free from Foreign Object Contamination

Pets are treasured members of many households and providing them with safe, nutritious food is a top priority for pet owners. As the pet food industry has grown due to urbanization and increasing purchasing power, so too has the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of pet food.

To guarantee pet food safety, the industry is heavily regulated, and manufacturers must comply with strict guidelines and standards set by regulatory agencies.  Despite these regulations, there is one aspect of pet food safety that is often overlooked: Foreign Object Contamination.

Foreign object contamination happens when non-food items, such as plastic or metal, find their way into pet food products during the manufacturing process. This can pose a serious health risk to pets, causing physical harm such as choking or blockages in the digestive system.

To protect their pets from foreign object contamination, pet owners should carefully inspect pet food products before feeding them to their pets and report any concerns to the manufacturer or regulatory agencies. By prioritizing the safety and quality of pet food, pet owners can ensure their beloved furry friends are healthy and happy.


The health and safety of pets is of paramount importance to pet owners, and the pet food industry plays a critical role in ensuring that their pets are well-fed and healthy. However, the manufacturing of pet food products is a complex process that involves multiple steps and stages, making it susceptible to contamination.

Contaminants such as stones, wires, or blade parts can accidentally find their way into pet food products during production, leading to product recalls and health concerns. The presence of these contaminants can cause harm and even lead to serious injury.

Moreover, any missteps on the part of the manufacturer that result in injury or harm to consumers’ pets can have a significant impact on the company’s brand, reputation, and ultimately, its bottom line. Product recalls, legal action, and the loss of customers can all result from such lapses.

More accurate, efficient and reliable metal detection in food with Mekitec

Let your pet products shine with MEKI systems

As a pet and animal product manufacturer, you understand the importance of quality and safety. That’s why Mekitec is here to provide you with efficient and cost-effective x-ray inspection systems for manufacturers of pet and animal products, from dry food and cat food to pet nutrition and replacement milk. Regardless of the products you manufacture, our systems are specially engineered to streamline and improve your food x-ray inspection process. As a result, all your products easily comply with the safety and quality standards imposed by the HACCP, BRC, and EFSIS.

What sets Mekitec apart is our commitment to flexibility and customization. We understand that every manufacturing process is unique, which is why our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with your production line and can be customized to meet your specific inspection needs.

Our MEKI and MIDMEKI systems can adapt to any production line, allowing for seamless integration. This allows you to reap the benefits of using a MEKI system quickly. Equipped with the latest in imaging and x-ray technology, our food safety solutions can detect even the smallest contaminants, assuring you and your customers that your products are free of choking hazards and can be consumed.

We designed the MEKI systems to be flexible enough to fit in any production line without making any major modifications. Moreover, the systems can be customized to suit your specific inspection needs. Let our x-ray systems serve as an integral part of your brand protection, as you meet the industry standards of HACCP, BRC, and EFSIS.

By choosing Mekitec, you can ensure that your products are of the highest quality and safety, providing an added layer of brand protection and peace of mind for you and your customers. Don’t settle for anything less – choose Mekitec for innovative, reliable, and efficient x-ray inspection systems for your pet and animal products.

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