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All food producers are expected to know their inspection requirements in terms of foreign object detection and overall quality assurance before they can make an educated decision between various inspection equipment.

To help to map out the inspection needs, Mekitec offers free-of-charge X-ray Application Testing, meaning that food producers can have their products tested with an X-ray inspection system to verify the detection rates for standardized foreign objects and also for different quality defects, such as missing components or broken products.

By comparing the available inspection solutions and their detection capabilities, be it metal detection, X-ray inspection, or vision technology, food producers can understand and validate which of these solutions brings the best results and value to their production.

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Why You Should Book X-ray Application Test for Your Food Production?

The Application Test gives you the exact details of an X-ray system’s performance on your specific products. The Application Test Report that you receive can be used before purchasing any inspection equipment to be able to compare and validate the best suitable solution. It also serves a great purpose after the quality control system implementation, e.g. during audits or when introducing new products to the system.

And if you are still thinking, remember, it’s a completely cost-free service for you!

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