Service and Support

Service and support

Maintaining your X-ray systems

Although being a dedicated and hard-working production line member, MEKI might eventually need some service and care. It’s recommended to proactively plan a suitable time for annual maintenance. This way our customers can be sure to get the best value, safety, and performance throughout the system lifetime. Also, regular operator and user training guarantee that everyone is familiar with the X-ray system.

By maintaining your X-ray system according to the recommendations, you have a dedicated and hard-working quality control system always ready for the next production batch.

Why do you need an x-ray inspection system
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Return Material Authorization Form

Return Material Authorization

For material returns according to the RMA process, please fill out this form.
Mekitec Support will be in contact with you for further details concerning the return.


We offer customer care and support through our global network of service centers and trained partners, covering over 40 countries on four continents. This way we can provide our services locally to all MEKI customers.

If you are interested in the following service offerings, please contact us below:
Service Packages – The best fitting service package level for your needs.
Spare Part Packages – Kits for a recommended stock of consumables and first response.

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