Road to Safe Food

Road to

Safe Food

Selecting the right solution

Production Line Specification

Production Line Specification helps to gather information about the inspected food products, production environment and other key factors, such as product sizes and production speeds. This information helps us to understand the customer’s needs and to confirm that our MEKI™ X-ray inspection systems are the most suitable inspection method for the food product.

The Production Line Specification is always done in the early stages to get a clear understanding of the food manufacturer’s operations and production environment. This way we can be sure that our X-ray inspection systems are completely in line with the inspection needs and quality control goals, ensuring the best value is delivered.

Application Testing

The main goal of Application Testing, also known as product or performance testing, is to know which inspection method is the most suitable, accurate and efficient for certain food products. The test report shows the exact detection performance our MEKI™ X-ray inspection systems can offer and visualizes what real-life foreign objects can be found from the products.

It also supports food manufacturers by giving a solid base for the critical limits for different foreign objects included in their HACCP plan.

It’s recommended for food manufacturers to request a product test or an Application Test as we call it, before making the decision to invest in inspection equipment. The test and its results help to compare different inspection methods and select the best and most suitable option.

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Defining the Best Solution

Our MEKI™ X-ray inspection systems deliver the best value to food producers by providing excellent detection performance in terms of foreign object detection and quality control. And with the information gathered from Production Line Specification document and Application Test report, we can define the best MEKI™ inspection solution for food products – whether it is a small snack bar or a large bag of protein powder.

Our X-ray inspection system models cover all the major food industries from fruits and vegetables to meat and poultry but also are suitable for other, very specific industries such as health and nutrition and catering. Check out our food industry solutions to see how X-ray inspection can help you to improve the safety and quality of your products.

Implementation & Training

The most important step on the road to safe food is the implementation of the MEKI™ inspection system. First, it’s essential to consider the production schedule when planning the implementation. Most food production lines have their normal maintenance and cleaning breaks, which allow our service technicians time to install the system into the production line without disturbing the production itself.

We also take care of the on-site testing and preparing the equipment, as well as comprehensive training of the operating staff. This includes e.g. saving the product profiles into the software, making it effortless for the staff to switch between the profiles during production shifts.

Customer Care & Support

Customer support and care doesn’t end at installation but is available to ensure trouble-free operation whenever needed. We offer continuous and accessible support to all of our customers through our trained professionals and global partner network. Properly installed and maintained inspection system runs error-free avoiding any downtime of the production line. It also gives the food producer a peace of mind knowing that the system runs efficiently at all times.

If you encounter any problems with your X-ray inspection system, our technical support specialists are here to provide a solution. You can request service here.

Any questions?

Our goal is to ensure that our customers have proper quality control in place to make sure their products are only the top-quality! If you have any questions about the initial investment, implementation or service of our MEKI X-ray inspection systems - do not hesitate to send us a message or give us a call. We want to help you!

Road to Safe Food
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