California Health & Snack Company Take A New Step in Quality Control

A California health and snack company founded on a mission to deliver high quality and healthy food and snacks. They are champions in a niche were customer awareness and knowledge are high. In the health and nutrition food industry, where brand image is a crucial asset, the quality process has to be solid, but the company was ready to take it to the next level.

With a focus on quality control, the company sought references with suppliers to ensure compliance of all possible standards and certifications. Consumers enjoy the company’s products and word-of-mouth about of their quality and nutrition about their products have spread and has helped their business expanded.

The growing customer demand and widening variety of products required more suppliers. Solid relationships with suppliers were still priority to keep the quality high, but the growing concern and willingness to ensure quality of every product leaving the manufacturer was still top of mind. Super food raw materials come from various global locations and in environments where quality control can be hard to obtain.

Another reason to implement a quality control system was the compliance with food production standards such as GMP and HACCP. They require solutions to detect product foreign object contamination. The product and environment parameters drove the push for a turnkey solution.

Most of the ingredients come from rural environments were quality control is challenging. The MEKI X-ray system can detect metal, glass, stones, hard plastic and rubber. The company was confident that foreign object contamination could be ruled out various forms.

Saving Space, Time & Money

Most of the ingredients come from rural environments where quality control is difficult. After harvest, a long transport journey waits. During these processes, stones and glass foreign object contaminations are a bigger risk than metal, which is more likely to occur in a traditional factory environment thus making metal detector an inefficient solution.

Space footprint inside facilities is a commodity with increasing amount of production. Traditional X-ray system required large amount of space compared to metal detectors and are hard to locate.

Acting on a positive recommendation from one of their suppliers, they contacted Mekitec and a demo presentation of the MEKI, Mekitecs x-ray food quality control system, was organized at the manufacturer’s facility. Since MEKI is incredibly small and versatile for an X-ray system, it fit the profile perfectly. With its small size and weight, it could be easily fit to the tight production line at the best position, without changes to the current setup.

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Detecting all size and shapes

The MEKI X-ray system can detect metal, glass, stones, hard plastic and rubber. The company was confident that foreign object contamination could be ruled out. Another concern was that super foods come in several different forms such as nuts, powder, berries or cakes with production changes during the day. Change between products had been made easy in the MEKI software and the switch takes under a minute ensuring minimal slowdown for quality control.

The MEKI X-ray food quality control system impressed at the demo and sample products were sent to Mekitec for an application test report which were accurate and identified best possible solutions for the products.

The positive test results and the price of MEKI X-ray system was more cost-effective compared to other X-ray systems. This lowered the financial burden and two MEKI’s were ordered. The MEKI’s were delivered within three weeks and setup was identified for best location, which at the end of the production line, right after individual packages are sealed.

Mekitec factory trained personnel also trained the operators to use the X-ray system seamlessly. After few months of testing with the two systems, an additional order of three extra MEKI systems was made.

Mekitec offered a financially smart solution, by offering a comprehensive X-ray quality control system to ensure that our customer’s brand image and their own customers are safe from foreign object contamination and other irregularities concerning food safety and quality. We don’t see food quality control as a mandatory investment, but a solution that creates real value to our customer.


Detection range, 150g cheese stainless steel 0.6mm and glass 1.5mm, Stone 1.5mm.

MEKI combines the benefits of metal detector pricing with the X-ray inspection performance for products up to 250mm width and 110mm height.

For single and dual line production of small and medium sized goods.

Example industries: bakery, dairy, meat & seafood, snack, fruits & vegetables, ready to eat food, frozen, confectionery, cereals and bulk.

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