California Health & Snack Company Take A New Step in Quality Control

California Health & Snack Company is dedicated to providing high-quality and healthy food and snacks to its customers. As a leader in the health and nutrition food industry, where brand image is of paramount importance, the company recognized the need to take its quality control process to the next level.

To ensure compliance with all standards and certifications, the company began working closely with suppliers, and word-of-mouth about the quality and nutrition of its products helped the business to grow. As demand for the company’s products increased and the variety of products expanded, it became necessary to bring on more suppliers, while still maintaining solid relationships with existing ones to ensure high quality.

Another driving factor for the company was the need to comply with food production standards such as GMP and HACCP, which require solutions to detect foreign object contamination in food products.

Saving Space, Time & Money

As the ingredients for the company’s products come from various global locations, including rural environments where quality control can be difficult, the company sought a turnkey solution that would save space, time, and money.

After a positive recommendation from one of their suppliers, the company contacted Mekitec and arranged for a demonstration of the MEKI X-ray food quality control system at its facility. The MEKI system impressed the company with its small size and versatility, and it was able to fit easily into the tight production line without any changes to the current setup.

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Detecting all size and shapes

The MEKI system can detect metal, glass, stones, hard plastic, and rubber, and the company felt confident that foreign object contamination could be ruled out. Additionally, the MEKI software allows for easy change between products, taking less than a minute to switch, which ensures minimal slowdown for quality control.

The MEKI X-ray food quality control system impressed at the demo and sample products were sent to Mekitec for an application test report which were accurate and identified best possible solutions for the products.

Mekitec’s application test report provided accurate results and identified the best solutions for the company’s products. The price of the MEKI system was also more cost-effective compared to other X-ray systems. As a result, the company ordered two MEKI systems, which were delivered within three weeks, and factory-trained personnel trained the operators to use the system seamlessly. After a few months of testing with the two systems, the company placed an additional order for three more MEKI systems.

Mekitec’s X-ray food quality control system provides a financially smart solution that ensures the safety and quality of the company’s products and brand image. The company sees this investment not as a mandatory expense but as a solution that creates real value for its customers.


MEKI is a cutting-edge food quality control system that provides the ideal balance of price and performance. MEKI ensures that your food products are free of foreign object contamination by detecting things as small as from 150g of cheese: 0.6mm of stainless steel, 1.5mm of glass, and 1.5mm of stone.

MEKI is ideal for single and dual-line manufacturing of small to medium-sized products, with a width of up to 250mm and a height of 110mm. Because of its adaptability, it can be found in a wide range of industries including bread, dairy, meat and seafood, snack, fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat food, frozen, confectionery, cereals, and bulk.

MEKI’s compact size makes it easy to integrate into your existing production line, and its user-friendly software makes switching between products simple, maximizing up-time for quality control.

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