Chinese Frozen Producer Replaces Metal Detectors with X-Ray Inspection

As the global frozen food market becomes increasingly competitive, customer loyalty and brand image become crucial differentiators for companies looking to stand out. This is especially true in the fragmented Chinese market, where small and medium-sized producers must compete with global giants and private labels. In order to protect their brand and maintain customer trust, ensuring the quality and safety of their products is essential.

One Chinese ice cream producer recognized this need and embarked on a project to improve their brand and product quality. They sought out a solution that could effectively detect and remove foreign object contaminants like metal, stone, and glass, as well as broken and cracked products, from their ice cream.

X-ray food quality control is a crucial aspect of brand protection as it prevents foreign object contamination from causing a product recall, which may be costly in terms of reputation and finances.

Controlling the quality of the products leaving the facility is critical in the frozen food industry since the ingredients originate from a variety of environments where quality control can be challenging. Foreign object contaminations can be effectively eliminated by using an X-ray food inspection system.

Ice Cream Producer in China

In 2013, one of China’s largest ice cream producers started a benchmarking project with the objective to develop its brand and raise product quality. Their ultimate goal was to eliminate irregularities such as foreign object contamination and broken products. The existing metal detector could detect metal foreign objects, however, the producer was also challenged with detecting broken products and pieces of stones or glass, making the metal detector an inefficient solution. After a search and review of different solutions, the equipment manager spoke with an old colleague who worked for another company and recommended Mekitec.

Finding the Right X-ray Partner

The manufacturer performed due diligence and reviewed Mekitec’s customer experience and recommendations. Later the same year, the customer contacted Mekitec’s Chinese partner to discuss requirements, applications, and targets. The next step entailed sample products being sent to Mekitec for immediate testing and analysis. The application test produced confirmed data that the MEKI system could detect 0.8 mm metal, 1.5 mm stone, and glass with 100% accuracy from the ice cream. Also, with MEKI’s broken and cracked product feature, such food items could be detected and removed as well during the inspection process.

Protection in Every Environment

The MEKI system is designed to provide protection in any environment and is tested in harsh factory conditions, including freezing temperatures, to ensure it performs effectively. Its flexibility allows for easy switching between different products, ensuring minimal delays in production.

To meet new quality standards and keep up with growing demand, Mekitec’s X-ray food inspection systems are designed for high-speed lines and can improve efficiency. The dual line feature allows for the inspection of two ice cream lines at once, further increasing productivity.


The Outcome

The producer was so satisfied with the MEKI system’s performance that they placed an additional order for two more systems and one MIDMEKI, which is designed for the inspection of larger products, just a month after their initial contact. After the systems were delivered, Mekitec’s service personnel provided training to operators to ensure they could use the systems smoothly and maximize their benefits. The systems were installed at the end of the production line, after the product was packaged and sealed, to eliminate the risk of foreign object contamination.


The MIDMEKI system is a high-performance X-ray inspection system that is able to detect stainless steel objects as small as 0.8 mm, and glass and stone objects of 4 mm in a six-pack of ice cream bars.

This system provides an efficient cost-value ratio with the accuracy and versatility of X-ray inspection and is suitable for products up to 400 mm in width and 200 mm in height. It can be used to inspect a variety of food products, including aluminum bags, trays, and cans, among others.

The MIDMEKI is ideal for use in a range of industries, including bakery, dairy, meat and seafood, snack, fruits and vegetables, ready-to-eat food, frozen food, confectionery, and cereals. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for any company looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of its food inspection process.

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