Curtainless X-ray inspection with



X-ray inspection enables food producers to detect multiple hazardous foreign bodies and quality defects (such as missing pieces or broken products) from their food production. X-ray inspection can prevent costly product recalls and reduce the number of reclamations, making sure that only the safest and high-quality products reach consumers.

When establishing product safety and control plan (HACCP or HARCP) and for obtaining third-party food safety certifications, such as BRC, SQF, and IFS, food producers need to implement in-line inspection systems to fulfill the safety requirements.


Certain food industries and packages are more demanding when it comes to the quality of the production. For example, food products packaged in a cup can be problematic when inspected by using conventional X-ray inspection systems with protective lead curtains that could disturb the product flow and cause products to move or fall. Keeping this in mind, we have designed new curtain-free X-ray system, MEKI™ C.

Curtainless MEKI™ C system offers food producers an easy-to-clean, convenient and carefree product inspection with less wearing parts and easier system maintenance. The system ensures a smooth product flow, and emphasizes cup-friendly product transfers, guides, and rejection, making the inspection a seamless part of the production process.

MEKI™ C is equipped with integrated product rejection and reject confirmation, sensors, as well as automatic system reporting. All in one complete package to ensure that the food producers get the best value from their Critical Control Point.

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