Polish Meat Producer Implements X-Ray Inspection to Expand Quality Control

Meat production is the largest food industry in Poland. The market in this sector is competitive and with products being similar between competitors. Brand value becomes highly valuable since quality in this space is a product differentiator too.

A large meat producer in Poland, with a good reputation, was interested in exporting more of its products. In these unknown markets, where their brand recognition isn’t high, different standards and certifications works as a proof of quality. Concerning food quality standards, many certifications require inspection of your products leaving the facility, which is usually done by X-ray inspection systems or metal detectors.

The meat producers had one X-ray detector already, but it could only inspect one line and with nine product lines the current situation would end with lot of undetected products or slowing down of production. Although metal detectors are traditionally a cheaper option, their weakness is that the can only detect metal and from they current X-ray system the manufacturer knew that most foreign object contamination came from other objects, such as bone.

The market in this sector is competitive and with products being similar between competitors. To achieve certifications, inspection of your products before leaving the facility is required which is usually done by X-ray. MEKI can inspect for metal, bone, stone, glass and dense plastics.

Searching for a Solution

The meat producers tested several options from both X-ray and metal detectors, but metal detectors were inadequate, because of the detection of foreign objects, packaging containing metal clips and aluminium packaging and some products were quite large.

The company was testing different options and participated in a food safety seminar where they met a Mekitec representative.

Mekitec’s X-ray food quality control systems offering, especially the MIDMEKI which is designed for larger products, was appealing and financially reasonable compared to other solutions. A demonstration was scheduled to the manufacturers facility, with two different systems MEKI and MIDMEKI. Because some of the products were large, the MIDMEKI was the better than the MEKI, which is designed smaller products.

Mekitec beat all its competition with its test results. MIDMEKI was able to detect, depending on product size and density 0.8-1.2mm stainless steel, 2.0-4.0 glass and stones with 100% accuracy in factory environment.

MIDMEKI X-ray system unit price was also much lower than any competitors and with several lines to cover, the savings were significant. MIDMEKI also inspects through aluminium packaging material and has a masking feature that ignores objects such as bag sealing clips, so this doesn’t affect the inspection.

Higher Quality Doesn’t Equal Lower Quantity

An important factor was the ability to switch inspected products quickly, since the manufacturer had over 70 products in production ranging from sausage to frozen beef and cold cuts. MEKI X-ray systems offer a user-friendly interface and switching products is made fast and simple to cut unnecessary down time of your line.

At the end of June 2014, the manufacturer decided that the Mekitec’s sytems was the most valuable and ordered four MIDMEKI X-ray systems. MIDMEKI X-ray systems arrived in August and Mekitec personnel and their local partner setup the system beginning of September.

Installation also includes training and introduction with Mekitec’s factory trained personnel. All the basic functions were introduced, taught and ensured that factory users can operate MEKI X-ray system effortlessly. MIDMEKI X-ray systems efficiency satisfied the manufacturer and an additional order for an extra MIDMEKI was placed.


Detection limits, 150g sliced meat package: Stainless steel 0.8mm, Glass 2mm, Stone 2mm.

MIDMEKI combines the benefits of metal detector pricing with the X-ray inspection performance – now for products up to 400mm width and 200mm height.

Suitable food products include aluminum bags, trays, cans & bulk.

Example industries: bakery, dairy, meat & seafood, snack, fruits & vegetables, ready to eat food, frozen, confectionery, cereals and bulk.

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