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This blog was done together with Misr Vision as an email interview. It is part of a blog series introducing Mekitec distributors all over the world. 

Who is Misr Vision? 

For more than 17 years, Misr Vision has been supplying Egyptian food producers with the most convenient up-to-date solutions that guarantee efficient production. They represent a wide range of European companies that manufacture the latest high-quality machinery. Their goal is to provide Egyptian food producers with the knowledge & expertise to run these high-tech machines effectively to boost their production and to compete in the global market.


How the partnership started with Mekitec? 

Misr Vision and Mekitec established their cooperation about 3 years ago. The cooperation was enabled through the support of Mekitec distributor Inteko. Inteko has been for many years successfully acting as Mekitec’s partner in Greece and the surrounding countries. Misr Vision and Inteko have known each other for a long time, as both companies have been working as partners for another leading food technology supplier.

As a result, Misr Vision, Inteko and Mekitec have found a fruitful and trusting way to cooperate on the Egyptian markets with Misr Vision leading the sales efforts and Inteko and Mekitec providing support. Through this arrangement and strengthening alliance they are together able to provide local expertise, service support as well as technological know-how to their customers.

Read more about Inteko and watch a video
Partner with Mekitec

We are constantly expanding our partner network with local, experienced partners who are in the food processing and packaging sector. We always assist and train our partners to make sure they have the best knowledge of X-ray technology, as well as product safety and quality control in the food industry - check out our partner page to learn more.

What are the benefits of X-ray inspection?

Egypt is an important food production country, and it is acting as a production base for many of the world’s largest food producers. Therefore, demands on safety & quality are also rising constantly. As an agent Misr Vision needs to be able to satisfy and exceed these identified needs for improved safety & quality.

“Working in the field of product quality, we have seen that it is mandatory to have competitive X-ray solutions in the portfolio to add value to our existing market and attract new target markets,” explains Mr. Ahmed Heiza, General Manager at Misr Vision.

How about the inspection trends or demands in the future?

According to Ahmed Heiza, the demand for safe food is constantly rising. End users can and will share their product experiences, especially the negatives ones, on daily basis through different communication channels. “Producers have started to realize that metal detectors are not enough, and more effective methods are needed to secure and maintain their brand identity,” Heiza adds.


What are the benefits to co-operate with Mekitec?

Cooperating with Mekitec has helped Misr Vision to reach new customer segments that they were not active with before and this has increased customer needs and sales in these new market segments. “We are really enjoying our cooperation. Misr Vision and Mekitec shares the same values and supporting the customers in the best possible way is vital for both companies,” Ahmed Heiza summarizes.

Read more about Misr Vision on their website.

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