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Verkade trusts Mekitec
X-ray Systems to

Enhance Quality Control

Verkade Trusts Mekitec X-ray Equipment to Enhance Quality Control

The safety and overall quality of products are a primary concern in the food industry. Eliminating issues at the production stage demands accurate and reliable equipment.

Koninklijke Verkade, a part of the Pladis Group, produces twenty thousand tons of biscuits a year. Verkade controls the quality of its products with an X-ray inspection system by Mekitec. The system is used during production to detect and remove food products with foreign objects or other defects, such as broken products.

Marten Dijkstra works in the engineering department at Verkade. He gives a clear reason for the company switching to Mekitec’s X-ray system.

– We started using the Mekitec X-ray equipment because it was a very efficient alternative to our existing equipment.

Richard Oetelmans has worked at Verkade since 2006. He works as an operator and with all the machines at line 20. He is also responsible for Mekitec’s X-ray system.

– Mekitec’s system filters things that don’t belong in the biscuit, like glass, iron, and other metals. The machine does this by using X-ray technology. Mekitec’s X-ray system is great – it’s compact, small, and easy to handle for all operators.

Continued service for reliable outcomes

Verkade has prior experience with similar systems from local suppliers in the Netherlands, but Mekitec stands out according to Dijkstra. The geographical distance to Finland, where Mekitec’s headquarters reside, is bridged by the high level of service and support Mekitec and their local partner in the Netherlands continue to provide. This standard of care ensures the system keeps up with the hustle of Verkade’s production lines.

– The system is reliable due to minimal downtime and disruption.

"I would recommend the Mekitec X-ray equipment because of its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and high level of technical support. Overall we are very happy to have Mekitec aboard as one of our new partners." — Marten Dijkstra, Lead Engineer of Koninklijke Verkade

Quality is remembered

Varying quality leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Meanwhile, trust in a reputable brand starts with the safety of its products. Any lapses in quality control can mean defective products slipping through, but Mekitec’s X-ray systems ensure consistency with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

The system’s strong performance has been valuable in maintaining the high standards associated with Verkade. Dijkstra commends the successful partnership with Mekitec.

– I would recommend the Mekitec X-ray equipment because of the cost-effectiveness, reliability, and high level of technical support. Overall we are very happy to have Mekitec aboard as one of our new partners.

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The X-ray Application Test gives you the exact details of an X-ray system’s performance on your specific products. The Application Test Report that you receive can be used before purchasing any inspection equipment to be able to compare and validate the best suitable solution. It also serves a great purpose after the quality control system implementation, e.g. during audits or when introducing new products to the system.

And if you are still thinking, remember, it’s a completely cost-free service for you!

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