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How to Get the Best Value

From a Critical Control Point in Food Production

How to Get the Best Value from a Critical Control Point in Food Production

The food inspection industry has changed a lot during the last decade; in the past food producers often ended up choosing an affordable, yet limited metal detection method and they were rarely able to invest in X-ray inspection as Critical Control Points (CCP) on individual primary packaging lines. Thanks to the more accessible X-ray technology, both the consumers and the food producers can benefit from having this technology available for individual food production lines, creating the best value for all the stakeholders.

After reading this eBook you will know:

  • what is expected from Critical Control Points nowadays
  • how to choose an inspection system with the best value
  • why primary packaging inspection brings the best results in terms of foreign object detection and total quality control
  • and lastly, why X-ray inspection enables better inspection results compared to other inspection methods
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