E-book: Is It Safe to Use X-ray to Inspect Food?

Is It Safe to

Use X-ray to

Inspect Food?

What Should I Know about the Safety of Food X-ray Inspection?

Even though X-ray technology has been established to be the most comprehensive food inspection method today, many companies still have concerns about user safety, the effects it may have on food products, and the regulations involved with the implementation of X-ray inspection systems.

For that reason, Mekitec provides you a thorough look into the safety of food X-ray inspection and ways to make it even safer. After reading this e-book you will:

  • know what is natural background radiation and what it has to do with food X-ray inspection
  • understand the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • know how X-ray systems are built to ensure user safety
  • learn why food X-ray systems cannot affect the inspected products

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Making X-ray Technology Even Safer

There are a lot of regulations involved with the food X-ray inspection. As the limits and standards may slightly vary depending on the country or region, a global manufacturer like Mekitec uses the strictest ones as a reference for all its X-ray inspection systems, in order to provide systems that can be used under any regulations in all markets.

In addition to these strict safety measures, there are a few best practices that you can follow to make X-ray systems even safer. Download our e-book to learn more!

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