Press Release: Mekitec combines data analytics and packaged food inspection

Press release:


Mekitec, known for food safety and quality control solutions, extends its offering to include software services helping food companies to improve traceability and quality control with data.

X-ray technology is commonly used in the food industry, but the data potential it offers has not yet been fully utilized. With X-ray, food producers can detect contaminants and quality defects in their production, but now the production reports, time stamps, and individual X-ray images produced by the systems can be used as a part of food traceability.

Mekitec launches new software, MEKI Data Manager, which makes the data collected by the X-ray systems available for the food producers, transforming traditional control points into intelligent data platforms.

– The software is the first release in our new Data Analytics product family. The Data Manager provides access to accurate data to support the decision making,” says Juho Ojuva, the Vice President of Commercial Operations at Mekitec.

The MEKI Data Manager helps quality managers to analyze the X-ray images, enabling further improvement of production quality, safety, and traceability. In addition, with the Data Manager, manual paperwork will be a thing of the past at quality control points. The software will help to make more accurate recalls, and optimize processes and the settings of production equipment. All of which have a major impact on reducing food waste in production.

– Some food companies are already using data to some extent to optimize their production. We see a clear trend toward different data solutions becoming more accessible for the managers in food production companies of all sizes. For example, when accurate data is used together with artificial intelligence, you can make better decisions and we want to be in the forefront to enable all of this,” Ojuva concludes.

About Mekitec

Mekitec is a manufacturer of X-ray quality control systems for the global food industry and has provided over one thousand systems in 50 countries. The company employs 70 people worldwide with a revenue of 5,6 million dollars in the last fiscal year.

Mekitec ensures safe food by providing inspection systems with the best value in the industry. MEKI X-ray systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing safety and quality by detecting and removing food products that contain hazardous foreign objects or other unwanted defects. Using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology results in 100% food quality control and reduced food wastage.

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