Partner Introduction: Economy Refrigeration Pvt Ltd

Partner Introduction:

Economy Refrigeration Private Limited

This blog was done together with Economy Refrigeration as an email interview. It is part of a blog series introducing Mekitec distributors all over the world. 

Who is Economy Refrigeration? 

Economy Refrigeration Private Limited, founded in 1926, has grown to a position of leadership among engineering companies in Indian sub-continent. It is an ISO 9001-2008 company, having registered office in Mumbai, warehouse/sales office near Thane and production in Chakan, Pune. Economy Refrigeration is an organization operating in the fields of design, engineering, supply and support of food inspection products, milk and wine manufacturing lines, blowers, vacuum pumps, vacuum systems and process equipment. 

Considering such a vast product portfolio Economy Refrigeration is not a machine manufacturer or supplier, but a solution provider having stateofthe-art product range. The company’s beliefs and values have been the corner stones on which it has built a durable and growing business. The qualified team of engineers can provide customised solutions for various technical requirements of the industry.  

How the partnership started with Mekitec? 

Economy Refrigeration started food inspection business partnership with Mekitec back in 2013 and till now they have successfully installed multiple Mekitec X-ray systems in various industries across India. 

The partnership is based on similar views on values and growth. Economy Refrigeration valued Mekitec’s experience in specialised X-ray imaging technology and wanted to work with the experts. As the Indian market is very quality conscious and price sensitive, Economy Refrigeration decided to team up with Mekitec because the systems developed by Mekitec are very compact and economical comparing to other available systems. As a result, its been more than 7 years of partnership working together for safe food. 

Partner with Mekitec

We are constantly expanding our partner network with local, experienced partners who are in the food processing and packaging sector. We always assist and train our partners to make sure they have the best knowledge of X-ray technology, as well as product safety and quality control in the food industry - check out our partner page to learn more.

What are the benefits of X-ray inspection? 

According to Govind Bhardwaj, working as sales manager at Economy Refrigeration, the worldwide consumption of readytoeat or packaged food is increasing at a fast pace. The increasing regulatory and consumer demands have intensified the pressure on the food industry to implement reliable methods of food inspection to ensure product safety and quality. X-ray technology can be used in food inspection to detect physical contaminants but also to study the internal structure of food products for quality purposes.  

How about the inspection trends or demands in the future? 

According to Economy Refrigeration, the trends in the food industry are changing continuously, and in the future the food and drug safety regulations are meant to intensify which results in increased requirement of compliance and traceability for all the products. To serve this, Economy Refrigeration feels X-ray inspection systems will be very much suitable and desirable. X-ray systems can also work well with widely different product shapes, sizes and packaging materialsBecause of all this, Economy Refrigeration believes that the demand of X-ray inspection systems is going to increase in the upcoming time. 

What are the benefits to co-operate with Mekitec?

Mekitec has developed the most compact X-ray inspection system without compromising performance, sensitivity and stability of the system” Govind Bhardwaj says. Further, despite being a European designed X-ray inspection system, MEKI products are very economical. Moreover, Mekitec is continuously developing and improving the system and software. This allows Economy Refrigeration to update the existing systems which keeps theup to the mark. Mekitec’s X-ray inspection systems are also quite modular and very easy to install. In all these years we can proudly say that we have not faced any manufacturing defect in the machines supplied to our customers, Govind praises. To top this, support from Mekitec is world class. Professional sales and service team is very easy to communicate with and accessible all the time. 

Read more about Economy Refrigeration on their website. 


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