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Mekitec's X-ray System Sees Through

Problems in Product Safety

Mekitec’s X-ray System Sees Through Problems in Product Safety

Polarica is a company that specializes in frozen berries. They have production facilities in Haparanda, Sweden, and Świdwin, Poland. Their berries come from various countries such as Finland, Sweden, and Poland. “We have some 200 employees in total,” says Matti Sarala, the plant manager of Polarica.

“We’ve purchased an X-ray inspection system from Mekitec. We use it to ensure that our products are free of any foreign objects before they end up to consumers.” According to Sarala, the reason why Polarica chose an X-ray system was based on their very specific needs: “Forest berries are picked close to the ground where stones are the main contaminant, and we wanted to eliminate this hazard. The system can detect glass and metals too, but we’ve never had those anyway.”


For Polarica, value for money is a priority when looking for a suitable vendor. Mekitec’s offer was immediately appealing. ”The value for money looked good and the vendor was near our facility. The unit arrived as agreed, and any maintenance we’ve needed on it since then has been expeditiously provided,” says Sarala.

"I would definitely recommend Mekitec's systems to companies that supply consumer-packaged products and wish to ensure their safety." — Matti Sarala, Plant Manager of Polarica Berry Group


To comply with the BRC certification held by its production facility, Polarica is stringent about the safety of its products. “The X-ray inspection system has worked without any issue. Fortunately, we’ve only had few contaminations in our products, and the device has caught every single one of them,” Sarala points out.

Sarala sums up his thoughts on Mekitec: “I would definitely recommend Mekitec’s systems to companies that supply consumer-packaged products and wish to ensure their safety.”

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