Press Release: New X-ray System SIDEMEKI
Press Release: New X-ray System SIDEMEKI



Mekitec Groupa global manufacturer of innovative food quality control systems based on X-ray technology, announces the launch of a completely new X-ray inspection systemSIDEMEKItargeted for the product safety and quality control needs of food and beverage producers worldwide. Mekitec describes their newest system model to continue delivering the company’s commitment to providing the best value also for these types of food applicationsincluding liquid foods and beverages in taller than wider retail packages. The SIDEMEKI system is targeted for food producers acknowledging the importance of overall quality inspection, demanding total pack-for-pack traceability, and not settling for foreign object detection only, Mekitec states.

A side-shooting X-ray inspection system has been on the company’s radar for a long time but Mekitec decided to take the time to perfect the solution, making sure it complies with the real customer needs and provides the best value. 

“When we first started to specify the system features, we took our time to learn about the unique challenges, needs, and desires that food producers have with these types of products and inspection systems. We took on to those challengesneeds, and desires and created the possibility of having the sharpest X-ray image and enabled valuable quality inspection functions even for the tallest food products without compromising the foreign object detection performance,” says Mr. Mikko NuutinenDirector, Product Creation at Mekitec.

According to the company, the existing inspection systems targeted towards these food and beverage applications have either been too complicated and expensive, or too simple with limited benefits for the food producers. This is something that Mekitec wanted to change by developing the SIDEMEKI™ system. 

We believethat the system will be excitedly welcomed and take its place in the marketOur partners and customers have expressed a strong interest in the system and its benefits thanks to the total traceability and imaging capabilities that offer tremendous value to the food producers. It is obvious that the food industry has been waiting for a solution like SIDEMEKI to bring the best value for food producers globally,” summarizes Mr. Juho Ojuva, Director, Global Sales and Customer Care at Mekitec. 

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Mekitec is a global manufacturer of X-ray systems for the food industry. The company is committed to ensuring safe food by providing inspection systems with the best value in the industry. 
MEKI™ X-ray systems are a part of the food production line guaranteeing the safety and quality by detecting and removing food products that contain unwanted foreign objects or other defects by using the latest X-ray imaging and processing technology, resulting in 100% food quality control.

To see how SIDEMEKI fits into your operational needs, simply fill in the enclosed form and you will receive the system datasheet to your inbox. 

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