Mastering Data-Driven Decisions: Your Ultimate Guide to Mekitec Quality Studio 

Say hello to Mekitec Quality Studio – your first step on the journey to digitized food quality control.

magine this: product categories represent what you make, whether it’s bakery, confectionery, savory snacks or dairy products. Each category gives you a glimpse of what type of data can be collected from these products with X-ray inspection systems alone. That’s where the real magic happens. It’s like having a VIP pass to your data party.

Reports – they’re like the cool kids of Quality Studio. While we won’t walk you through every single tap and click (the platform’s got you covered there), let’s talk about why reports are your friends.

Think about it: you create reports for specific timeframes you want to look at. These reports show you how many items got rejected by the X-ray systems and why. This info isn’t just numbers – it’s gold. You can use the reports to make the X-ray system work better, and it’s also a tool like Sherlock Holmes for traceability. If something’s off in your products, these reports help you trace it back to where it all began.

Quality Studio is like your sandbox for testing out our data products. We won’t spill all the beans here – you’ll get to see it yourself and learn how things work. It’s like getting a sneak peek into what our Data Manager can do. While the Quality Studio works this with pre-selected data, the best part is that with the MEKI Data Manager, it’s all real data from your own production.

Step into Quality Studio!

Step 1: Step into Quality Studio 

Start by clicking yourself into the Quality Studio platform. This browser-based test environment will demonstrate how you can take the ownership of the vast amount of data that the X-ray systems gather from each inspected product.

It’s always a smart move to give new tools a trial run before deciding on integration. And guess what? This is now as easy as a walk in the park!

Step 2: Pick Your Industry 

What you’ll come across first is the category selection. Simply go for the one that best matches the products you’re whipping up or the ones you want to craft a report about.

Currently, the tool serves up a handful of options – no sweat if you don’t spot your category just yet. We’re on it, always adding more categories to the mix!

Step 3: Let the Tool Be Your Guide 

Once you’ve locked in your industry choices, Quality Studio will walk you through several crucial steps. This ensures you won’t overlook anything on the first test drive. Let the tool take you on the journey and discover how the data solutions could work for your benefit.

Step 4: Personalize Your Reports 

The first move in tapping into that X-ray data is to pick your preferred timeframe. This narrows things down, helping you zero in on exact production batches and witness what the X-ray system saw.

We recommend you select one production line and maximum of two products to view at a time. This way, you’ll end up with a report that’s easy to skim and navigate. Once that first report is ready to roll, you can filter results based on inspection outcomes – just head to the top-right corner for that.

Here’s the deal: with this nifty function, the tool will show you precisely what is going on in the production batch. You’ll see each product as an individual line on the report with its respective X-ray image. Armed with this data, you can become your quality team’s superhero and detect possible root causes that might be hindering your production efficiency.

Step 5: Take Action 

With the above insights in hand, it’s time to make your moves. Quality Studio is only the beginning. With the real data management solutions, such as MEKI Data Manager, you can do all the above with your own data, collected from your own food production lines. With that you can use what you’ve learned from this data journey to fine-tune your production, spot growth chances, and keep that product quality top-notch.

Reasons to get MEKI™ Data Manager

Unlock the Future of Food Quality Control with Quality Studio

Quality Studio continues to be the number one place to test all digital solutions Mekitec has to offer so make sure to check back in soon! Maybe you’ve already heard about our Audit Mode? Well, stay tuned to see how adding that to the mix makes validation tests and audit reporting a breeze!

Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize food quality control with Quality Studio. Step into the future of data-driven insights and optimization. Get started today and unleash the power of digitized quality control!


Step into Quality Studio!
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