Happy Holidays from Mekitec!

Happy holidays

from Mekitec

Happy Holidays from Mekitec!

It is the time of the year to look back and reflect on what has happened during the year – here are a few of our highlights from the year 2019!

This year, we launched two new inspection systems, MEKI ONE and MEKI C. These systems support our existing product portfolio and serve food producers even better in order to ensure they get the best value from their Critical Control Points when they equip X-ray systems into their production lines. It truly makes us happy to see how X-ray inspection enables them to deliver even safer and top-quality products for consumers to enjoy!

Together with our partners and food producers around the world, we have ensured the safety and quality of the holiday delicates that are offered to the people closest to us.

We can’t thank you enough for making this year amazing!


Continuing to support the ones in need

Mekitec is an active donor for Plan International, an organization that helps the children in need. We will continue to support the organization and the two “godchildren” that are living in the Philippines and Indonesia. We are happy to be able to support these children and advance their rights and equality. Our monthly donations benefit the whole community, providing safer and pure drinking water, health care, and education.

Download holiday reading material!

During the holidays, many of us have some extra time to focus on an interesting book. Download our newest eBook to dive into the topic of "How to get the best value from a Critical Control Point in food production" and come back to work even wiser after the holidays!

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